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How to fix Lexmark printer IP address

Blog - How to fix Lexmark printer IP address

Lexmark is one of the leading printer brands used by the billions of users across the world. Lexmark printer is highly known for its best in class printing features that make it more preferable for the users. Lexmark printers come with wireless technology that let users print or scan any file wirelessly. With an IP address of your printer, you can connect it to the network. But sometimes many situations come when users face difficulties regarding the IP address in Lexmark printer.

Steps to fix Lexmark printer IP address

Is your Lexmark printer showing Not Connected status? Then you can’t connect your printer to your network until you would not resolve this problem. There are multiple reasons that affect IP address related issues. With Lexmark Printer Technical Support you can obtain the reliable solutions from the experts or you can also try the below steps to fix this problem.

  1. First of all, make sure that all the ends of Ethernet cables are properly connected to the router. Reconnect both ends of the Ethernet cable.
  2. Try another cable to see where the actual problem is.
  3. Print the Network Settings page and then check the Active status under TCP/IP.
  4. Reset the Network printer adaptor on your printer.

Get Help From Lexmark Customer Care!

If you are still facing any problem with your Lexmark printer IP address, then you can get an effective assistance by dialing Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number where a team of skilled technicians will give all the possible solutions to fix IP address problem in your Lexmark printer. They will resolve every Lexmark printer related issues in a very short span of time. This number is 24/7 accessible from all over the world.


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