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How to Connect Hp printer to Mobile

Blog - How to Connect Hp printer to Mobile

Hp printer is very much liked by the people all around the globe because of its best printing quality & its compatibility with any operating system and better connectivity with the wired or wireless network.

The printer can also be connected with any smartphone whether it is android or ios. When you have printer accessibility from your phone, printing becomes very easy & convenient.

Steps to connect Hp printer to the mobile

  1. From Google Play Store, download and install the HP printer plugin. This is used to establish the Wifi connection.
  2. Also, the user should be sure that the printer and the phone are in the same Wifi network.
  3. Tap on Settings, then More, then More Networks. Further, go to NFC or Sharing and then click on Print or Printing.
  4. Then tap on Print Inc.
  5. When installed, tap on ON.
  6. If there are other plugins for other printers then you should OFF them.
  7. Now open the item which you want to print and then tap on Print.
  8. You will be able to see the print preview.
  9. Next, to it there will be a drop down of printers. Select Hp from the list.
  10. The down arrow will provide facility to make different settings to the item that is to be print.
  11. Finally, tap on Print.

Quick Hp Printer Support Available

Call on hp printer customer service number if there is any problem in downloading & installation of the printer in the phone or if you are not able to understand any features. The service is 24/7 available and the experienced experts provide technical support efficiently.


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