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How to delete Sbcglobal Email Account

Blog - How to delete Sbcglobal Email Account

There are two main reasons for which one may wish to delete his/her SBCGlobal email account. First, the email account is not connected to paid AT&T services. Second, you have opted for service cancellation and it has been more than two months since disconnect. In this post, simple instructions on deleting a sbcglobal webmail account are described.

How to Delete SBCGlobal Email Account?

1. Go to your sbcglobal email account profile.

2. Click on Contact info

3. Tap on Email

4. Select Manage under Free AT&T email account

5. See Delete account right next to the Member ID. Click on it, and then select Okay

6. Now your account will be deleted.

Sbcglobal Email Support

Though deleting an email account is quite simple and won’t take much of your time, at times, due to some issues, you won’t be able to eliminate the account. The main reason for this is that when you go to the Email tab and touch the Free AT&T Email account, the Manage option doesn’t pop up. If you cannot see this option, you cannot eliminate your account. Here, you will need expert assistance on the same via dialing SBCGlobal customer service phone number. Professionals from a third party email technical support will resolve your query in the least possible time.


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