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Apple Mail Password Recovery

Blog - Apple Mail Password Recovery

Want assistance for Apple mail password Recovery? Call the expert techies now or go through this blog for significant information. Apple Mail is the official email application of Apple Inc which is available with all Apple iOS, macOS, as well as watchOS. Apple Mail comes in with all the iOS by default. 

In Apple Mail, you have the option to send & receive emails with the help of SMTP which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and well as POP3, and IMAP. Apple Mail also works in collaboration with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook AOL Mail etc. So as you do not have to check emails on different platforms, all emails can be viewed at one single point. 

If you wish to use Apple mail to send your emails, you must create an account first. As and when you create an account, you need to set a password along with some security questions. When you use email to authenticate yourself, you must provide this password to use email.

How to Recover Apple Mail Password?

Over the time, when you want to change the password, maybe you lose the password or due to some other reason, you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Apple Mail using your current password and apple id. If you do not have the password, then click on Forgot password link.
  2. In the forgot password link, you will be required to provide the apple id and the answers to some security questions set by you.
  3. To change the password using the phone, click on the option to change the password using the phone.
  4. The OTP will be sent to the registered phone number of yours which you have added with your Apple ID account.
  5. Enter the OTP and proceed next to change the password.
  6. Enter the new password and repeat the same to confirm the password. The new password must be different than previous 5 passwords and must be strong in its own. It must be at least 8 characters and should have special characters and numbers in it.
  7. Your Apple mail password is now changed.

Apple Mail Tech Support

In case you face any difficulty in changing the Apple mail password, you can contact the Apple Mail Password Recovery Phone number where tech support team is available everytime to handle apple mail queries 24/7 hours.


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